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Boston Youth Organizing to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Assassination

Boston Student’s and community activist are organizing a Community Stand Out to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Assassination, framed under the April 4th Movement. The Boston Coalition for Freedom working in partnership with Encuentro Diaspora Afro are reaching out to on Students, Parents, Workers, Unions, Teachers, Religious/Spiritual leaders, Community Activist, Fraternities and Sororities to participate in the Community Stand Out. The community will line up on the sidewalks, holding up posters of Dr. King – starting from Dudley Square – going all the way up to Grove Hall in the Black Community of Boston, Massachusetts.

Organizers have been canvasing central community centers and placing posters in local community venues. The April 4th Movement is also focusing on youth to achieve the following goals:

1.) To donate books to selected Boston Public High School Students on Dr. King and the Black Freedom Movement, and the need to rebuild the movement.

2.) To engage High School Students in discussions about Dr. King and the Black Freedom Movement.

3.) To Organize a Black Youth Unity Assembly.

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