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Remembering Political Prisoners

The following is a list of our 'fallen champions' who lost their lives in the service of our People/Nation.

May we honor them, in 'the cause of Truth and Justice', by paying the highest tribute we can give by bringing the struggle for which they sacrificed their lives to a satisfactory conclusion.

And may we do so as an act or devotion, obedience, reverence, service, submission, surrender to, and worship of, our Creator... and as an exercise of Love for; and service to, the People.

Arthur Morris. Member of the Southern California chapter, Los Angeles Branch, of the Black Panther Party. Arthur was the first member of the Black Panther Party to die in the struggle for Black liberation. assassinated March 1968.

Ralph Featherstone and Che Payne. Killed by a car bomb outside a Maryland courthouse where Rap Brown was scheduled for a hearing. assassinated March 9, 1970.

Harold Russell. The first Black Liberation Army member to be slain. The BLA—the people’s liberation army—boldly declared themselves to be soldiers fighting against the oppressive regime of the US government. Harold was killed in a shoot-out on 122nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in Harlem, New York. Prior to becoming a member of the BLA, Harold had been a member of the Brooklyn Branch of the BPP. slain in combat spring 1971.

Robert Webb. Deputy minister of defense of the BPP. Spent years organizing coast to coast, building the discipline and security of the Party and community in preparation for liberation. When it became apparent that there were corrupt forces operating within the BPP, Robert took a stand for principles first. That stand was to bring about his death on March 8, 1971.

Mark Essex. Mark became involved in the struggle for Black liberation while still within the US military apparatus. He served as a dental technician in the navy. Upon his release his first stop was at the Harlem office of the BPP. He wanted to learn as much as possible to take home with him to Emporia, Kansas. Mark died valiantly holding off enemy forces in Louisiana. slain in combat spring 1973.

The U.S.A. was founded on violence, built and developed on violence and continues to thrive in-lieu of violence. Violence is an intricate part of the American psyche and culture. America was established as a result of the two most vicious genocides to have ever been committed in history: the genocide against those Afrikan Peoples who were abducted, taken captive, forced into exile and sold into slavery and the genocide of the Native People Indigenous to the landmass that came to known as America in the aftermath of the extermination of most of the tribes that occupied the country prior to the scourge of the european settlers.

It is important to understand that acquiescence to, and tolerance of, oppression is just as bad, if not worse, than its perpetration. To conform to oppressive conditions, and passively suffer under its scourge, only exacerbates the situation. In fact, it enables the tyrant. Left unchecked, the oppressor becomes emboldened and encouraged to accelerate and increase the excesses and injustices that make life miserable and unbearable for those who have to live under his despotism. Oppression cannot occur barring the passive acceptance of the injustices and wrongs imposed by the oppressor.

As the 'civil-rights' movement was wanning a new force began to rise-up, embodied in the hearts, souls and spirits of young men, such as those mentioned above, and women who decided that they would no longer put-up with the abuse, excesses and wrongs of the systemic state of oppression imposed upon the masses of Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White 'common-people' who are viewed as expendable, and of no consequence, to the corporate and political elite of the American 'ruling-class'. They are the undisputed forerunners of today's young generation of social acitvists who aspire to take-on the same struggle started by those, then, young 'freedom-fighters' of the twentieth century revolutionary struggle.

As a result of the tremendous work and sacrifice they performed; many of them languish behind bars in prisons throughout the U.S.A. It is of extreme importance that today's young aspiring revolutionaries establish communication with them as a means of learning and gaining benefit from their experiences. They have a wealth of information that can prove invaluable to those fighting for social-justice in these current times.


Lake, Richard Mafundi #079972 Donaldson CF, 100 Warrior Lane, Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

March 1, 1940

Magee, Ruchell Cinque # A92051 D5-1, P. O. Box 4670, Lancaster, CA 93539

March 17

Powell, Reverend Joy #07G0632

Bedford Hills CF, P.O. Box 1000, Bedford Hills, NY 10507-2499

Laaman, Jaan Karl #10372-016 USP Tucson, P.O. Box 24550, Tucson, AZ 85734

March 21, 1948

If you are able, take time to send one, or more of, them a greeting.

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