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The Struggle Against Homeless is Part of the Black Liberation Struggle

Homelessness is one of the crises facing the Black working-class across the US. In Baltimore, MD, a majority of the Black poor sections of the homeless population are from the Black working-class.

In addition to being the most victimized under capitalism, homelessness is a condition that many more from the Black working-class will be forced into if there is no organized struggle waged against these conditions and attacks by the policies, structures and institutions that are creating these conditions.

Because of the structural racism of the capitalist system, all of the working-class in varying degrees, face the threat of homelessness.

The priorities of the Baltimore city council even though a Black majority and controlled by the Democratic Party, is not to deal with the needs of working-class and poor people. High unemployment, gentrification, police brutality, mass incarceration, low wages, temporary agency jobs and the financing of private corporate projects are their solution.

Baltimore, even after a rebellion that made clear the depth of the economic and social crisis facing its Black working-class, has not prioritized the needs of working-class Black and poor communities.

With cuts in social programs, Baltimore city council has granted $660 million public dollars to the Under Armour Port Covington Project to build housing and other amenities for the upper middle-class. The link shows a struggle by a section of the homeless in Baltimore.

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