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US Imperialism is the Real Hole that Stinks: It's Revolution That Will Clean up the Funk!

The racist US capitalist/imperialist system headed by the racist and fascist Trump/Pence Regime, is being exposed for what it really is; no longer masked by liberal and Black faces. Trump's position on the Black communities and forces of resistance in the US shapes the basis for his international racist and fascist views.

Trumps positions seek to engage his racist base of white supremacists as a force of division and intimidation. The capitalist rulers understand that the economic and social crisis that corporate greed has created, is fostering mass resistance by working-class and poor people that are showing signs of unifying actions.

The New Poor Peoples Campaign is helping to galvanize and unify the resistance and demands of working-class and poor people and can be a force to isolate and combat the strategy of the Trump/Pence Regime, including the silent supporters in both the Republican and Democratic Parties that cut vital social programs, bust unions, spend billions on killer cops and imperialist wars, and give over a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the corporations and the rich.

Speaking out against this racist president and system is the least we should do. But, defeating the system that creates conditions that violate human rights and provides a platform for a racist and fool to be "elected" president, requires a mass movement that organizes and mobilizes power. If anchored and led by the most oppressed and exploited, the Black working-class, the Black liberation movement becomes a catalyst to help unite and unleash the many social movements that, when acting together will defeat the capitalist system.

While many are talking about defeating the Republicans in the 2018 elections; we must organize to convene a National Assembly for Black Liberation so that the Black working-class can help shape a mass Black, working-class and poor people's political mandate for radical change. A program that builds contending and transformative power to wage a continuing struggle till victory is won.

All Hands on deck for the National Assembly for Black Liberation - May 17-20, 2018

Saladin Muhammad

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