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Save this Date! National Assembly for Black Liberation – May 18 – 20, 2018

Black people are fighting against oppression and injustice on every battlefront, but the Black liberation movement is still fragmented in various alignments whose programs and demands have much in common.

The unity of these organizations and alignments would represent the critical mass of activists and cadre rooted in the many mass battlefronts of the working-class and poor masses, able to wage a more conscious, coordinated and powerful struggle for radical change. This unity would be a catalyst inspiring the struggles of other oppressed, working-class and poor people and social movements.

The UN proclaimed 2015 – 2024 as The International Decade for People of African Descent. The 2018 US elections will also shape a political climate of national discussion, debate and actions not only about who to vote for, but about the needs and demands of working-class and poor Black and oppressed masses, and the need for radical change that brings about an alternative to the capitalist system. This period should be the period to develop a national and international mandate for Black liberation and radical change.

On May 18-20, the National Assembly for Black Liberation will be held at the North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina to discuss the Draft Freedom Manifesto as a unity document along with resolutions submitted by battlefront committees begin to draft a program of action.

We appeal to you as fighters in the battlefronts, allies, supporters, human rights activists, friends, and Revolutionaries, to help us by donating to the National Assembly Organizing Committee – through the Ebony Book Club – link.

Thank You,

Saladin Muhammad

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