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Six Point Task For Members of the National Assembly Organizing Committees (NAOC)

There are 16 weeks of organizing left before the first National Assembly for Black

Liberation. We are calling for All Hands on Deck for all endorses and supporters.

We encourage you take up these six main task to build towards the National Assembly.

1. Participate in bi-weekly NAOC meetings to report on work

2. Reach out to local, statewide and network forces engaged in battlefronts to be named endorsers for holding a National Assemble.

3. Each NAOC organization to convene 2 local Black liberation assemblies involving a minimum of 5 local and or statewide organizations engaged in battlefronts to discuss unity with the Manifesto based on 80-20 principle and how to engage in unified actions.

4. Participate in discussions of draft resolutions of battlefronts as part of a pre-National Assembly discussion.

5. Send articles to the Black Activist bulletin of struggles, mass work, conferences and commentary on challenges and problems facing the battlefronts.

6. Hold a local/statewide Black liberation assembles to report back from the National Assembly and to build the local process for implementing resolutions.

How organizations, activist, and

supporters can plug in:

· Become a named endorser, commit $50, and urge members, friends and networks to support National Assembly online fundraising;

· Participate in and help organize local activities to promote the discussion of the Draft Freedom Manifesto;

· Commit to write a brief report about the Battlefront struggles in your area; and

· Commit to send 2 active representatives engaged in battlefronts to the National Assembly.

We are calling on Black Working Class movement organizations and activist engaged local/regional/national battlefront struggles - to link their struggles for reforms to a direction for building contending and transformative power against the US and global structures, policies and misinformation of the capitalist system, as another step toward developing a framework for uniting a mass based Black left and rebuilding the national Black liberation movement.

Organizations and activists wanting to participate in battlefront resolution drafting committees or to become named endorsers for the holding of the National Assembly contact Saladin Muhammad at

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