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Invitation to Meet at the US Human Rights Network National Conference

As one of the growing number of endorsers of the National Assembly for Black Liberation and as important expression of their support, the US Human Rights network has provided space for a meeting for all Black Freedom fighters attending the conference who are interested in learning more about and hopefully making contribution to the ongoing building process to the Black Liberation Assembly.

This year’s human rights conference’s theme is “Advancing Human rights 2017.” It will be held at the Emory conference Center Hotel located at 1615 Clifton Road, Atlanta, Ga., 30329. The conference is scheduled Thurs, December 7th – Sun, December 10th.

On Saturday afternoon, December 9th, from 2:30 – 5:30 pm, representatives of the Black Liberation Assembly’s “National Assembly Organizing Committee” (NAOC) will be hosting a meeting in the Emory Conference Center Hotel’s “Basswood” meeting room. The purpose of the meeting being twofold:

(1) To provide updated information about the work that is being done to advance the building process to the Assembly now scheduled to take place at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC on May 19th, 2018

(2) Provide opportunity for Black Freedom fighters to learn more about each other and the actual “Battle Front” struggles in we are engaged.

Our various struggles to “Stop the War on Black America” in all of its expression are courageous and indeed inspiring. However, we must raise the level of our fight back. We must unite our Peoples Liberation struggles into a national movement. And in doing so actually begin to position ourselves in a more sustained fashion, and be able to fundamentally challenge the power that oppresses and exploits us – the capitalist and imperialist system.

We look forward to our meeting in Atlanta on this coming Saturday, December 9th where through the process of engaging each other we hope to gain greater collective understanding of the character of the struggle that we have to wage, and together identify remaining important tasks to be addressed, resources to be acquired, and some greater sense of the organizational and infrastructure we have to develop. All of these things and more are important as we develop the critical capacity necessary to make qualitative leaps advancing our peoples localized fight backs to more coordinated national “Battlefront Struggles” and together take important steps to building a more conscious National Liberation Movement.

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