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Reparations as Reform and Revolution

Reparations is a fundamental demand that has to be understood as both reform and revolution. As reform we can fight for specific changes that can immediately address social issues. Some good examples are jobs and a decent wage system, health care for all, free access to all levels of education, etc. But while we know that some of this can be won (eg $15 an hour) the system can't transform itself; the ruling capitalist class just won't commit class suicide. We have to end this system and create a new one. That means revolution.

Take a moment and watch this film on reparations and think about what you can do to advance the struggle. v=4PDt0E7tsBk

Resources on Reparations:


John Conyers Bill HR 40 115th-congress/house-bill/40

Charles Ogletree article in the Harvard Law Review students/orgs/crcl/vol38_2/ ogletree.pdf

Detroit origins of the contemporary reparations demand 18750&diss=y

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