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Black Liberation – Human Rights is Our Fight

The recent upsurge of Black resistance and fight backs against the growing tide of racism and capitalist attacks on our peoples human rights shows us that we must unite isolated fragmented battlefronts if we are to win transformative power. This also requires us to study our history within a human rights framework of our peoples struggle against slavery, colonialism, capitalist imperialism as a struggle for human rights, self determination and liberation. Our long term strategic goal must not be to simply make policy reforms to make U.S. capitalism better, but to change our various battle front struggles for our human rights into transformative political power. Organizational Black political power which unites and transforms our struggles into a united national liberation front to fundamentally shift society and the world into one THAT WE ENVISION AND BUILD OURSELVES. We aim for a society where all of our human rights can be realized by using our own organizational power and maintained with our own Black working class leadership.


Our long term strategic goal in our battlefront struggles must not be solely the electoral battlefront and short term retractable or revocable policy reforms (like affirmative action, abortions rights, worker & union rights, etc) to make capitalism better for a moment. The ruling elite snatches these away at will. We need organized power that unites us with a strategy to win and hold on to our human rights and build fundamental permanent change for a new society were we the oppressed and exploited rule. We must raise up our struggles for clean water and safe environments & communities, workers / women/LGTBQ/ voting/union/free quality education/voting rights as international recognized human rights to unite our various isolated battle fronts into a united national liberation movement.

Human rights are permanent internationally recognized rights not civil reform rights! They are not like civil rights or policy reforms that are given by the ruling elite as concessions when we rebel and later retracted or taken back by the capitalist ruling elite ( Trump’s Administration and the national legislature are doing today). As we look towards the 1950’s-60’s-70’s we examin African liberation struggles and other revolutions, we quickly learn that “ Human Rights” must be won by our organizing for real political power! Our people’s power must come from a sorely needed national Black united front – a Black liberation movement with strategic goals that must initially win tactically “dual political power”,

liberated zones that can begin to advance our battlefronts struggles for our human rights, and advance our people’s revolutionary process of gaining “state power” to build a better society and world. An urgently needed strategic vision and series of a united black liberation assembly building process can move us forward, if we are to end this War On Black America and begin to make human rights a reality for all of us.

Malcolm X was one of our people’s contemporary heroes of moving forward our Black and African liberation movement against colonialism, capitalism and imperialism by the oppressed and exploited people here in the U.S. and all over the world. He reminded us that we had to move beyond civil rights to internationally recognized human rights. He reminded us that human rights grew from our people’s political understanding, militant revolutionary struggle and high level of political organization with a empowering strategy and not just for policy reform. Brother Malcolm made a call for strategic unity or a national united liberation front for real political power and liberation. He reminded us that we must develop a strategic revolutionary vision and flexible tactics to unite and engage all forces in our Black/African communities to challenge, resist and end our racist and exploitative national oppression as Black/African people like all of the forces responsible for the denial and attacks on our human rights. He illustrated concrete steps to achieve the revolutionary strategic goal of a new society based on human rights lead by the Black working class, the most oppressed and exploited.

The upcoming U.S. Human Rights Network Conference December 7-10, 2017 in Atlanta, GA. is an important social movement space for all of us to gather, learn and share past historic lessons for our peoples struggle for human rights and liberation. The Black Liberation Unity Committee will be there for this reason and will be sharing the “Draft Freedom Manifesto” and the call for the National Black Assembly for Black Liberation on May 19, 2018 in Durham, NC. We urge you to participate in our lively 2pm-5 pm Saturday Dec. 9th session to share and move forward our mutual effort for this important and urgent National Assembly for Black Liberation this spring 2018 in Durham, NC.

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