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Boston Protesters take a Knee for Justice

The Mother of Terrace Coleman, stood in a light drizzle as she emotionally talked about how her son who was killed last year by the Boston Police. The occasion was a Rally and March on Sunday, October 29, that ended in front of the Massachusetts State House. While Mrs. Coleman try to hold back her tears as she spoke, Community organizer Bojah stood in support right next to her as she gave a startling description around the details of her son’s death.

Terrace was shot by police who said he drew a large knife and began to attack them. Terrace mother refuted that claim stating that he was unarmed when he was shot by two police officers. The organizers of the Rally and March, Mass Action Against Police Brutality, has call for the state attorney general to reopen the case.

Mrs. Hope Coleman, mother of Terrace College Standing next to Brother Bojah, speaks at Boston Takes A Knee For Justice Rally.

The Mass Action Against Police Brutality is one of the front line battlefront organizations who have consistently organized against Police Brutality. Their Rally and March was billed as, Boston Takes a knee for Justice, playing on the original issue that spark former San Francisco 49er quarterback to take a knee doing the NFL’s playing of the national anthem.

Supporters of the Rally and March were asked to sign a petition demanding the reopening of Terrace Coleman’s case. Protesters held homemade signs and chant slogans alone with rally organizers.

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